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Echoes of Alexandria: A Journey Through Time at Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex

July 7 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Discover Alexandria’s Rich History on the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour

Embark on the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour and journey through over 200 years of Alexandria’s history. This 82-acre outdoor museum offers a glimpse into the lives of those who shaped our nation’s past. The Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour is the perfect way to explore Alexandria’s rich heritage.

Experience the Best History Tour in Alexandria

During this 90-minute to two-hour walking tour, covering approximately 2 miles, our guides will lead you through several of the thirteen cemeteries within the complex. With over 35,000 individuals resting here, each with their own unique stories, you’ll understand why our guests often regard the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour as the best history tour in Alexandria.

Uncover the Stories of Historical Figures, Heroes, and Villains

On the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour, you’ll visit the graves of individuals connected to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, learn about their descendants, and hear stories of prominent figures from their time. Uncover tales of heroes from all wars and stories of enslavers and the enslaved, creating a complete narrative of America’s complex history.

Explore the Legacies of Alexandria’s Founding Families and Civil Rights Pioneers

The Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour allows you to discover the contributions of early civil rights activists and delve into the legacies of Alexandria’s founding families.

Highlights of the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour

Our tours highlight various aspects of Alexandria’s history, including:

  • Historical figures and their connections to the nation’s founding documents
  • Stories of heroes, villains, and the complexities of America’s past
  • Contributions of civil rights pioneers and the African American community
  • Legacies of Alexandria’s founding families and their impact on the city’s and country’s development

Book Your Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour Today

Join us on this remarkable journey where history comes alive. Visit our Tour Information page for essential details on planning your visit, including tour lengths, pricing, and what to bring. Book your Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex Tour today and experience the best history tour in Alexandria, an educational and engaging adventure for history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.


July 7
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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