Explore Alexandria’s Hidden Histories

Delve into the captivating stories of Alexandria’s hidden histories through our collection of over 200 mini-biographies across these storied burial sites. Uncover the fascinating tales of Alexandria’s past and the individuals who shaped the city’s unique character.

Select a cemetery from the list below or navigate through the dropdown menu to explore Alexandria’s hidden histories:

The Old Presbyterian Meeting House Burial Ground (ca. 1761): A gateway to 18th-century history, this hallowed ground holds the tomb of Alexandria’s unknown Revolutionary War soldier and George Washington’s close surgeon. Explore the 18th-century stones and stories that built America right here. Discover influential Alexandrian Presbyterians who shaped early American history.

Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery (1808): Descendants of those who penned and signed the Declaration reside here, including those of Richard Henry Lee, the mover of America’s independence resolution. Revolutionary soldiers and officers who lived those words also call this ground their final resting place. Rediscover the nation’s early shapers among the stones.

Alexandria National Cemetery (1862): Reflect on America’s journey to unity at this hallowed ground, where 3,900 Union soldiers and U.S. Colored Troops lie, symbolizing the nation’s strive for reconciliation.

St. Paul’s Cemetery (1809): Meet the “Female Stranger” and her tragic tale. Hear Little Bighorn accounts and other mysteries.

The Presbyterian Cemetery & Columbarium (1809): With over 2,500 burials dating back before 1806, this active cemetery offers an expansive record of Alexandria’s layered narratives. From Revolutionary heroes to 20th century pioneers across industries, science, civil rights and more, uncover the area’s rich stories etched in stone.

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