Ivy Hill Cemetery

Unsung Heroes of Preservation: Sarah Scott Tracy and Ann Pamela Cunningham: Safeguarding American Heritage During the Civil War Era

In the annals of history, there are figures whose contributions often go unnoticed, overshadowed by more prominent individuals or events. Sarah Scott Tracy and Ann Pamela Cunningham are two such […]

Christ Church Cemetery

Caroline Branham: the Enslaved Chambermaid Who Witnessed George Washington’s Final Moments

Caroline Branham (1764 – March 13, 1843), enslaved at Mount Vernon and later at Arlington House, is buried in an unmarked grave at Christ Church without a gravestone. Arlington House […]

Old Presbyterian Meeting House

George Washington’s Funerals: Historic Commemorations at the Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria

A Nation Mourns The passing of a great figure often marks a pivotal moment in history, and George Washington’s departure on December 14, 1799, was no exception. In a surprising […]

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