Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia: Visitor Information

Introduction and Brief History

Surveyed initially by George Gilpin, Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia, was established in 1808, encompassing plots 110 and 111 of the Spring Garden Farm, with an additional parcel acquired in 1802. Currently, the cemetery includes 136 burial sites, but only a select few are occupied and actively maintained. The undeveloped section, susceptible to flooding and located near its northern border with Jamison Avenue, comprises plots 107-112 and 117-136.

Deciphering the inscriptions on many tombstones can be difficult, but thanks to the efforts of Wesley Pippinger in “Tombstone Inscriptions of Alexandria, Virginia (Volume 3),” a comprehensive list of those interred, including the texts of their gravestones, has been compiled from Christ Church’s archives. To learn more about the distinguished individuals buried here, click this link to navigate to another page on our site.

In addition, Find-A-Grave records more than 524 memorials at this site, suggesting there could be undiscovered graves. The cemetery is a significant historical site, housing the remains of numerous prominent American figures, including extensive members of both the illustrious Lee and Mason families of Virginia.


Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery is at 1501 Wilkes Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314.

Hours: The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.

Operational Management

The Facilities Manager of Christ Church oversees the cemetery. For assistance, please contact Pouyan Meghdadian at

Map Reference

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