Uncover the Hidden Histories: Gravestone Stories Tours and Talks

Embark on a journey through time and discover the fascinating stories etched in stone with our captivating Gravestone Stories Tours and Talks. Explore Alexandria’s cemeteries and delve into the lives and legacies of those who shaped our nation’s history.

Bring Alexandria’s History to Your Group

  • Expert guides deliver customized talks tailored to your group’s interests.
  • Talks range from 30-90 minutes, including Q&A sessions.
  • Perfect for local organizations, senior centers, clubs, and event venues.
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Public historian David Heiby captivates the Daughters of the American Revolution while delivering one of his signature engaging history talks tailored for local organizations. David’s customized lectures spanning early Alexandria or broader American heritage promise an eye-opening memorable experience at member group gatherings.

Antietam Battlefield Tour

  • Explore the sites of the bloodiest single-day battle in American history.
  • Combine with a visit to South Mountain battlefields for an in-depth experience.
  • Highlights: Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center, North Woods, East Woods, Miller’s Cornfield, The West Woods, Bloody Lane, Burnside’s Bridge, and National Cemetery
  • Expert guide David Heiby shares over 25 years of Civil War history insights
Burnside’s Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield
The pivotal battle scene captured in this historic painting centers around Burnside’s Bridge. This limestone arched crossing still stands as an iconic landmark in Antietam National Battlefield near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Visitors can explore this bridge spanning Antietam Creek, the site of intense fighting on September 17, 1862, during the Civil War’s bloodiest single-day battle. This National Park Service protected area memorializes the struggle to control Burnside’s Bridge and other strategic locations across the open fields and woodlands now preserved as hallowed ground.

South Mountain State Battlefields

  • Climb to commanding views from the rugged mountain landscape
  • Visit Washington Monument State Park, a key Union signal station during the 1862 Maryland Campaign
  • Explore wooded mountain gaps and historical fields, including Crampton’s Gap, Fox’s Gap, and Turner’s Gap
  • Expert guide David Heiby shares over 25 years of Civil War history insights
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The Washington Monument in Washington Monument State Park, Boonsboro, Maryland
This stone tower monument on South Mountain was used as a Union Army signal station during the 1862 Maryland Campaign of the Civil War. Hike up the mountain for panoramic views across to Antietam National Battlefield and other preserved grounds that saw fighting leading up to the pivotal Battle of Antietam. This state park offers walking trails through the wooded and historical mountain gaps of Fox’s, Turner’s, and Crampton’s.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Tour

  • Journey to the pivotal town, site of John Brown’s 1859 raid and intense 1862 battle
  • Key stops: Kennedy Farm House, John Brown’s Fort, The Point, Bolivar Heights, Jefferson’s Rock, and Jefferson County Courthouse
  • Expert guide David Heiby shares over 25 years of Civil War history insights.

Lincoln Assassination Tour

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Ford’s Theatre remains an active playhouse and a somber museum memorializing Lincoln’s last hours within its storied walls over 150 years ago.
  • Full-day guided tour tracing John Wilkes Booth’s escape route after assassinating President Lincoln.
  • Visit Ford’s Theatre, Baptist Alley, Herndon House, Surratt Boarding House, Kirkwood House Hotel, Surratt’s Tavern, Dr. Mudd House, and various remote locales.
  • The journey culminates at Pope’s Creek along the Potomac River in Maryland.

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