St. Paul’s Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia: Visitor Information

Introduction and Brief History

Established in 1809 after separating from Christ Church, St. Paul’s Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia, marks the origin of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. With over 1,500 interments, including those of former church leaders like Rev. James T. Johnston and Rev. George H. Norton, it stands as a historical emblem, reflecting the rich heritage of the church and the local community.

Location and Visitation Rules

St. Paul’s Cemetery is at 601 Hamilton Lane, Alexandria, VA, 22314.

Hours: The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.

Operational Management

The Superintendent manages funeral services and supports bereaved families in organizing funerals. For assistance, please get in touch with Andrew Blair, Managing Trustee of St. Paul’s Cemetery, at (202) 329-2531 or via email at

Plot Purchases

The cemetery currently has no plots for purchase or space in the columbarium. 

Map Reference

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