Old Presbyterian Meeting House Tour

Old Presbyterian Meeting House

Take your Alexandria history exploration further with a tour of the iconic Old Presbyterian Meeting House, a National Historic Landmark.

Maintaining classic eighteenth century Georgian architecture, details like enclosed slip pews secured warmth on cold days as occupants brought heated coal tins inside. The rear gallery houses the original clock, its time frozen at 10:20 pm marking when George Washington drew his last breath. This cherished landmark witnessed that passing firsthand, as the Meeting House bell solemnly tolled those four intervening December nights leading to his funeral hosted within the sanctuary walls, a final tribute of this community so devoted to Washington’s life and leadership.

Today, that same clock and bell stand as enduring memorials, still central fixtures harmonizing with the well-preserved materials, layout, and atmosphere of heritage worship spanning over two centuries.

Join us to travel back through this portal where little separation exists between Alexandria’s formative years and the present, still calling parishioners to these pews each Sunday morning as an active congregation in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Your tour guide, a dedicated church member for over 60 years, brings a wealth of knowledge and personal anecdotes to enrich your experience.

While the tour is free, donations to support the preservation and upkeep of the Old Presbyterian Meeting House are greatly appreciated.

Kindly contact us to arrange your visit and glimpse this living history.

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