The Methodist Protestant Cemetery

Caroline Matilde Johnson: A Confederate Supporter’s Unsung Legacy

In the annals of American Civil War history, countless stories of bravery, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication to one’s cause remain untold. Among these is the remarkable tale of Caroline Matilde […]

The Methodist Protestant Cemetery The Presbyterian Cemetery Wilkes Street Complex

Winter Archaeology: New Discoveries and Collaborations Illuminate Historical Narratives

Introduction During the winter, outdoor walking tours face challenges due to weather conditions. Despite canceling several tours, historical research at the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex has continued. A team of […]

The Presbyterian Cemetery

Robert Adam: Masonic Leader and Fairfax Resolves Signer in Alexandria

A Scottish Upbringing Sets the Stage Born in 1731 in Kilbride, Scotland, Robert Adam was the eldest son of Rev. John Adam and Janet Campbell Adam. His father, a Doctor […]

St Paul's Cemetery

The Remarkable Life of Dr. Holmes Offley Paulding: from Military Legacy to Custer’s Last Stand

The Paulding Family’s Military Roots Dr. Holmes Offley Paulding rests in St. Paul’s Cemetery, his gravestone a silent sentinel marking the final chapter of a family inextricably interwoven with pivotal […]

Old Presbyterian Meeting House

The Soldier Who Proposed a Crown: The Life and Legacy of Lewis Nicola

Early Life and Military Career Lewis Nicola was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1717 into a Huguenot family with a strong military tradition; both his father and grandfather served as […]

The Presbyterian Cemetery

Park Agnew: A Stalwart of Alexandria’s Industrial and Political Landscape (1847-1910)

Introduction Park Agnew, a name synonymous with Alexandria’s industrial growth and political dynamism, left an indelible mark on the city’s history. Born in 1847 as John Park Agnew, he became […]

Ivy Hill Cemetery

Nicholas Trist: The Diplomat Who Shaped America’s Southwest Borders

Nicholas Trist is not a household name in American history, but his contributions as a diplomat during a crucial period in U.S. history are remarkable. Born on June 2, 1800, […]

Christ Church Cemetery St. Mary's Cemetery

The Enduring Legacy of Colonel John Fitzgerald in Alexandria, Virginia

Introduction Colonel John Fitzgerald left an indelible mark on Alexandria, Virginia, through his military service, civic leadership, and close friendship with George Washington. Beyond his contributions, the legacy continued with […]

St. Mary's Cemetery

Unveiling the Stories of Cavan Boa: George Washington’s Tailor and Revolutionary War Veteran

Introduction Unveiling the stories behind the notable figures of history can provide a fascinating insight into the past. One such significant individual is Cavan Boa, who played a crucial role […]

Old Presbyterian Meeting House The Presbyterian Cemetery

“Mr. President”: The Historic Address at Wise’s Tavern and Its Role in Shaping American Etiquette

John Wise Sr., often called the “Tavern King of Alexandria,” was pivotal in shaping Alexandria’s social and cultural landscape during the late 18th century. His establishment, Wise’s Tavern, also known […]

The Presbyterian Cemetery

Lewis McKenzie (1810-1895): A Civic Figure of Remarkable Influence

Early Life and Business Success Lewis McKenzie, born on October 7, 1810, left an indelible mark on the history of Alexandria, Virginia, through his multifaceted contributions as a businessman, politician, […]

Trinty United Methodist Church Cemetery Washington Street United Methodist Church Cemetery

George Lewis Seaton: Uncovering the Legacy of an Alexandria Trailblazer

Introduction In the heart of Alexandria lies a story of resilience, determination, and profound impact. George Lewis Seaton’s life is a testament to the indomitable spirit of African Americans during […]

Historic Burial Grounds

Discover the History of the Quaker Burial Ground in Alexandria, Va: from Sacred Space to Modern Landmark

Origins of the Quaker Cemetery In Alexandria, the Quaker community established a burial site in 1784 on Queen Street, near its intersection with Washington Street. This site replaced an earlier […]

Notable Burials in Alexandria Old Presbyterian Meeting House

Dr. James Craik: George Washington’s Lifelong Friend and Physician | A Tale of Commitment and Friendship

Early Life and Education Dr. James Craik’s journey began in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, where he was born. He pursued medical education at the prestigious University of Edinburgh, setting the stage for […]

Christ Church Cemetery

Thomson Francis Mason: A Legacy of Leadership and Legal Influence

Thomson Francis Mason was born into the prestigious Mason family of Virginia in 1785. He was educated at Princeton and became a successful lawyer. He served as a judge, planter, […]

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